Philharmonia Education: Hear and Now (2016)

Led by Artistic Director Tim Steiner, Hear and Now is a major intergenerational creative collaboration between the Tibbs Dementia Foundation’s Music 4 Memory, a singing group for people living with dementia and their carers, Fusion Youth Singing, a teenage vocal and instrumental group, and members of the Philharmonia Orchestra. Young and old instrumentalists from the North Bedfordshire Youth Chamber Orchestra and Da Capo String Ensemble – a group for learners/rusty returners – form the Hear and Now intergenerational orchestra with members of the Philharmonia playing side-by-side. Comprising over 150 participants, this multi-layered project is unique in its quality, creativity, diversity, scale, and age-span. This film follows participants on their musical journeys, culminating on the Royal Festival Hall stage in December 2015.

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