Instrument: Mandolin

In this film, Nigel Woodhouse introduces the mandolin. The mandolin has been used by many composers across the centuries to give special colour to the orchestra, often evoking folk music.


00:00 Orchestral Extract: Mozart, Don Giovanni, Deh, vieni, alla finestra
00:46 Composers who wrote for the mandolin
01:08 The Neopolitan mandolin
02:00 The origins of the mandolin
03:05 Mandolin vs Violin – Similarities and Differences
04:33 Playing the mandolin – The Frets
05:19 Playing the mandolin – Chords
05:55 Playing the mandolin – The Plectrum
06:18 Playing the mandolin – Sustaining the Sound
06:46 Orchestral extract: Antonio Vivaldi, Mandolin Concerto in C major
07:53 Development of string materials, from gut to metal
08:48 Tremolo Technique
09:56 Orchestral extract: Gustav Mahler, Symphony No. 7
10:44 The Duo Style
11:47 Development of the mandolin – Extending the range
12:04 Orchestral extract: Sergei Prokofiev, Romeo and Juliet, Aubade
12:39 Orchestral extract: Stravinsky, Agon, Galliarde
13:28 Orchestral extract: Webern, Five Pieces for Orchestra, Op. 10
14:11 Orchestral extract: Ottorino Respighi, Roman Festivals
15:13 The American Mandolin
16:57 Musical example: Kesh Jig – trad. Irish
18:07 Bluegrass style
18:51 How the mandolin got its name
19:12 Harmonics
19:56 String tension and finger maintenance
20:24 How Nigel started playing the mandolin
20:55 Tips for getting started on the mandolin

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