Instrument: Sheng

Get to know the Chinese sheng, an instrument whose name invokes peace, harmony and balance between humans, nature and the universe. The sheng has a history stretching back many centuries, and is the ancestor of all free-reed instruments (such as the accordion, and the free-reed stops on the organ). It also inspires today’s composers, from China and around the world. Virtuoso sheng player Wu Wei demonstrates the versatility of his instrument, and how to prepare and tune it (including where to pour the hot water in!). Hear more in his performance with the Philharmonia Orchestra in London on Friday 5 April 2019. Book here:

00:05 - Introducing the sheng
00:39 - Parts of the sheng
03:14 - Mounting the reed (part I)
06:33 - Meaning of sheng
07:56 - Chinese music
13:03 - Mounting the reed (part II)
13:41 - Tuning
16:10 - Production of sound
17:49 - Hot water
19:18 - Different sizes
20:07 - Learning the sheng

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