Nielsen Serenata in vano

November 2017 digital release.

The Philharmonia Chamber Players on this recording are:
Mark van de Wiel clarinet
Nigel Black horn
Robin O’Neill bassoon
Eric Villeminey cello
Christian Geldsetzer double bass

The Philharmonia Chamber Players perform Serenata in vano, a quintet written in 1914 by Danish composer Carl Nielsen. Scored for clarinet, bassoon, horn, cello and double bass, the work was described by Nielsen himself as a ‘humorous trifle’. The quintet portrays two gentlemen playing a tune in a chivalric manner to lure a fair lady out onto her balcony, but to no avail. Since the performance is in vain (‘in vano’), they return home to the tune of a march played for their own amusement.

Serenata in vano was recorded live at the Royal Festival Hall by the Philharmonia Chamber Players in June 2015, and is available for digital release as a bonus track to Nielsen’s Flute and Clarinet Concerto and the Aladdin Suite that was released in March 2017.