Strauss Till Eulenspiegels Lustige Streiche & Ein Heldenleben

SIGCD148 | February 2009 release.

Two of Strauss's great orchestral tone poems are on this CD, conducted by the Philharmonia's Honorary Conductor for Life, Christoph von Dohnányi.

The hijinks and practical jokes of the eponymous hero of Till Eulenspiegel are portrayed by Strauss, whereas the hero of Ein Heldenleben is generally held to be Strauss himself, confident and ebullient.

  • Till Eulenspiegels
  • Ein Heldenleben - I - "Der Held" (The Hero)
  • Ein Heldenleben - III - "Des Helden Gefährtin" (The Hero's Companion)
  • Ein Heldenleben - IV - "Des Helden Walstatt" (The Hero at Battle)
  • Ein Heldenleben - V - "Des Helden Friedenswerke" (The Hero's Works of Peace)