Samantha Reagan No. 4 2nd Violin

Sam was born in south east London to a family with a long tradition of playing musical instruments by ear and became the only one to actually learn to read music, starting on the piano aged seven and enduring another five years of desperation to learn the violin before it actually happened.

Twelve is an unusually late start on a string instrument but, as she loved practising, she soon caught up and got a place at the ILEA’s specialist Saturday music school then known as CYM. Studies at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama followed. When the call to work for the Philharmonia came, it was amazing they found her, as the family were not on the phone at home: a composer friend living locally took the call to find her and had to drive round to her house personally with details of the rehearsals and concerts. She used her first pay cheque to have a phone line installed and the rest is history!

It’s just over 25 years since she first played with the Philharmonia and she still loves practically every minute. Outside of the Orchestra she has many interests, including computers, philosophy, the odd game of bridge, tennis and golf.  Above all else though, she cherishes her personal life and her wonderful family home.  She is kept rather busy there, not least, by two exceptional cats, collectively known as 'the boys' and, a favourite robin, whom she would very much like 'the boys' to avoid!