Philharmonia Orchestra announces partnership with Apple Music Classical

Music lovers have reason to celebrate as the Philharmonia Orchestra has joined forces with Apple Music Classical. This innovative partnership promises a monthly treasure trove of remastered classics, exclusive releases, and immersive spatial audio experiences. The inaugural offering, Elgar’s Enigma Variations, conducted by Sir Andrew Davis, is now available for streaming exclusively on Apple Music Classical, marking the beginning of an exciting journey into the world of classical music.

Over the course of a year, the Philharmonia will unveil a diverse range of musical compositions, from Spatial Audio albums which offer a fresh perspective on timeless classics to hidden gems that were previously unreleased or long-forgotten.

The inaugural release in this partnership is none other than Elgar’s Enigma Variations, a masterpiece conducted by the illustrious Sir Andrew Davis. This enchanting composition was recorded live at Fairfield Hall, Croydon, on April 18, 2007. Known for its emotional depth and intricate musical storytelling, this rendition has been impeccably remastered and brought to life in Spatial Audio. With the superior sound quality and immersive experience of Spatial Audio, listeners can appreciate every nuance and subtlety in the music, feeling as though they are in the midst of a live performance. This innovative technology provides a three-dimensional listening experience, enhancing the emotional connection between the listener and the music making it feel more vibrant and immediate.

Apple Music Classical has a vast library of over five million tracks, and stands as the world’s largest classical music catalogue. This extensive collection provides a treasure trove for both seasoned connoisseurs and newcomers to the world of classical music. Thousands of recordings are available in immersive Spatial Audio featuring Dolby Atmos, ensuring that listeners have access to a rich and dynamic listening experience.

Listen to the Philharmonia Orchestra on Apple Music Classical here.