Soong Choo

1st Violin

Soong Choo was born in 1974 in Busan, South Korea. He says he had no real interest in music as a young boy (too busy playing in dirt), but when he moved to London aged nine in 1983 with his family, he remembers hearing the violin for the first time and thought what a beautiful sound it was.

Portrait of Soong Choo

Soong started to play the violin in the same year. Most of the time he really disliked practice, but as it was preferable to schoolwork, he persevered. After attending the Purcell School he carried on studying at the Royal Academy of Music and Southampton University.

His first professional work was with the London Musici while studying. Soon after he started doing extra work with the Philharmonia, and joined the First Violin section in 2000. The year 2000 was especially eventful with two world tours back to back and meeting his future wife. They now have two children.

Soong’s other great love is food and he counts himself lucky to be able to indulge in many wonderful eateries around the world when the Orchestra goes on tour. Soong is grateful for being able to appreciate at close proximity so many wonderful sounds by skillful musicians in the Philharmonia. His hobby is painting.

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