Lockdown Listening with Byron Fulcher

Portrait of Byron Fulcher

Principal Trombone Byron Fulcher shares his listening list of brass, theatre, and sacred vocals perfect for a large glass of red wine.

The Principal Trombone is endowed by the National Friends Council. To learn more about Chair Endowment, email william.mendelowitz@philharmonia.co.uk.


Bruckner, Os Justi

I came across this piece a few years ago for the first time whilst looking at Bruckner's motets some of which include three trombones. This one doesn't have trombones but it's a moving piece.

Stravinsky, The Rite of Spring

This piece never ceases to amaze me. We play it in the orchestra quite frequently but I've recently started looking at the score and it is quite astonishing and still sounds incredibly fresh even after 100 years.

Gershwin, Songbook, Oscar Peterson

Oscar Peterson was a legend and genius as an improviser but the beautiful sounds and delicate touch that he performs with in the Gershwin Songbook, is wonderful.

John McCabe, Cloudcatcher Fells

I grew up in Cornwall which has an amazing heritage of village brass bands, many of which are very good. In the mid 80s John McCabe wrote one of the best pieces for brass band and I still listen to it occasionally. It describes a hike around the Lake District.

Purcell, Dido and Aeneas

John Elliot Gardiner recently returned to the orchestra so I looked up a couple of CDs that he recorded and had a listen. This music has such energy at times and passion at other moments.

Bach, Capriccio On the Departure of a Beloved Brother

Again, another fairly recent discovery. I had never heard of it and don't know why it isn't better known. It has a very personal sentiment and is extremely lovely music. It feels as though everything stops when this is playing.

Stan Kenton, Showcase

This era of the big band reached a pinnacle with Kenton's all star line up. A remarkable band with the extraordinary talents of Frank Rossolino on trombone.

Gladiator, Film Music

This is played in the car quite often. I played on this soundtrack and it's just huge and exciting. The film, of course is epic. Hans Zimmer is now much more famous too so it's great to have a been a small part of this.

Bach, Cello Suites

Brass players tend to play bits of this from time to time in different keys so it's great to hear the original. There's a slight aspect of work to this but it's wonderful.

Gabrieli, Various

We are blessed to have this music. It's an uplifting, religious experience to listen. Music to have a large glass of red wine to. Communion of sorts.

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