Cor Anglais

The first thing always mentioned about the English horn, the alto of the double-reed family, is that it is neither English nor is it a horn.

Cor Anglais

Instrument: Cor Anglais

In this film, Jill Crowther introduces her instrument - the cor anglais.

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To make matters more confusing, the instrument is often referred to by its French name, the cor anglais, all for obscure reasons. About one-and-a-half times the size of the oboe, the English horn is immediately recognised by its pronounced, pear-shaped bell. The sound is similar to, if slightly less honky than, the oboe, thickening nicely in the lower register. It is both a mellow melody instrument and a handy softener for the wind section’s overall texture.

Cor Anglais range

Frequency Range

165 – 932 Hz

Tube Length

93 cm

Did you know?

The earliest known orchestral part specifically for the instrument is in Niccolò Jommellis opera Ezio written around 1749.

More about the cor anglais

Sibelius, The Swan of Tuonela: The cor anglais embodies a mysterious black swan in this famously ethereal solo

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