House of Absolute

Artist in Residence

“We take each step with grace, poise and finesse to attain Absolute excellence in every given moment.”

A multidisciplinary powerhouse cultivating the preservation of wisdom within art.

Founded in March 2014, House of Absolute are the Philharmonia’s inaugural Artist in Residence. The group brings together a collective of talented artists, dancers and musicians to galvanise collaborative works across Hip Hop, theatre, live art and film.

Through honest and daring innovations that challenge conventional approaches to performance, they endeavour to dismantle systems of oppression by advocating for communities and cultures through their multi-continental values grown out of Asia, Africa and the Pacific.

​Specialising in Waacking, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Krump, Locking and Popping, House of Absolute’s projects uniquely draw from their sustainable internal ecosystem of resources and multi-disciplinary expertise within the collective. With members including vocalists, poets, choreographers and composers, their productions develop through an array of workshop possibilities, facilitating spaces for development and wellbeing.

They create performances for theatre, exhibitions, fashion, festivals and site-specific work. House Of Absolute have produced for Skin Deep’s Sonic Transmissions series at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, The V&A, Breakin’ Convention at Sadlers Wells and Chinese Arts Now. Across the UK, they have appeared at leading UK Festivals including Love Supreme Jazz Festival and Wilderness Festival.

Through their intergenerational knowledge and experience, House of Absolute deliver with precision and dedication, advocating for womxn, justice, empowerment and inclusivity.

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